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Hi Ladies, Susan here

Do you know the Venus Factor weight loss program?
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The Venus factor system is one of the best weight loss program for women. The diet plan is fantastic. You cen get it here

​​Being slim is great, but many women are slim but are not satisfied with her body. Same refer that as being skinny fat. In that respect a program such as the Venus factor stands out. It will not only help you lose the unnecessary weight. It will also help you achieve attractive "toned" look most women crave for. .

​​The program consists of  
The ​Diet and Weight Loss Manual.
T​he 3-month Workout System – a library with instructional exercise videos. 
​The Virtual Nutritionist – an app that helps you to track calories and protein intake according to your body.
The Venus Community – exclusive Venus Factor community, including blogs, forums, etc.
The Venus Index Podcasts – audio interviews by other Venus Factor members on their success stories

The program is well rounded, besides nutritional and exercise guides it provide you with much help to keep you informed and connected with others with similar aspirations. This will keep you motivated and make your lifestyle change as easy as possible.
For some more information see the video below. 



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